Pet cancer education

About the Animal Cancer Trust

We support owners of pets experiencing cancer to find that can help their pets have as good a quality of life for as long as possible. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we provide pet cancer education that owners can use to help alleviate suffering in their pets. We wish to enable owners to gain the knowledge needed to explore avenues of diagnosis and treatment and make informed treatment decisions.

If you are looking for information on pet cancer support, have a browse through our resources to find what you need.

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 What We Do

We often get asked about what we do as a charity. In brief, ACT serves the needs of owners seeking information about cancer diagnosis and treatment in pet animals.

This is important to the world right now because there are currently few good sources of pet cancer education material for owners worldwide. This need is growing as more people own older pets that are being affected by cancer more frequently. There are also a lot of new developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment that make it difficult for both owners and vets to access up to date information to help with decision making.






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We attend many events to increase awareness of pet cancer and how it can be diagnosed and treated, raise the raise the ACT charity profile and assist with fundraising. We have a stand at a variety of vet and vet nurse conferences, agricultural shows and country markets. We have travelled from Inverness to Bristol and Belfast to Folkestone. We have a variety of activities to encourage people to come and talk to us at events: hand puppets that both children and adults can play with as well as purchase, mindful colouring and a guess the number of jellybeans/cat treats/dog treats in the jar competition. We also have word search and crossword puzzles and a slide show of new information that help us meet our aim about pet cancer education.

While we are unable to fund treatments directly, we are always on hand to point pet owners in the right direction to find the very best care for their pets. Our goal is to provide a hub of resources and the best pet cancer education possible to assist pet owners in making the difficult decisions they face with a diagnosis of cancer in their pets. Above all, we aim to provide hope for pet owners out there who may have received the worst news and help them support their pets through their journey.