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Cancer Alert Practice (CAP) Campaign for Veterinary Practices

Pets are valued and much-loved members of any household and finding out your pet may have cancer can be extremely stressful for everyone involved.

The Cancer Alert Practice (CAP) is a UK-wide programme developed by the Animal Cancer Trust designed to help support owners whose pets have recently been diagnosed with cancer by creating a resource assisting them to identify first opinion veterinary practices that have an interest and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Ask your veterinary practice if they have heard about the CAP campaign.




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Aims of CAP:

  • To support and promote the great work that vets and nurses in first opinion veterinary practices are doing to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer in our pets
  • To provide support for veterinary staff and pet owners

Cancer Alert Practice (CAP) Member Benefits for Veterinary Practices

Veterinary staff of member practices will have access to a dedicated members' section, accessed via a secure log-in, containing up to date and accurate information on:

  • Diagnosis of specific types of cancer
  • Treatment options available including approximate costs and locations of referral practices
  • Prognosis via critical appraisal of published research
  • How to safely do chemotherapy in first opinion practice
  • How to approach carrying out clinical research in practice






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Vets will also have access to advice from oncology specialists in the form of our trustees. This is our first campaign to involve and work with first opinion veterinary practices. Register your interest to join us now. We need as many vet practices as possible to join us.

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