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Even though your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, often an incurable disease, this does not mean that this is an immediate death sentence. Many pets, just like people, are living with cancer and leading as good a quality of life as possible for as long as possible.





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Our Survivors Celebrated page offers you an opportunity to post a photo with your pet's cancer story while they are living with cancer. Your stories are a source of support and hope for others whose pets are affected with cancer.

To create your special memorial, please email the details to us together with a photograph (if you choose) of your pet. The photo needs to be of a certain size although most photos taken on mobile phones will work.

You may wish to give a small donation to the charity for your pet's story. Your donation will help enable the Animal Cancer Trust to work towards their aims of gaining a better understanding of cancer and ultimately provide better treatments in the future. In return you will have a lasting tribute on our website for your special friend.

Please remember that photographs should be your own and not have any copyright restriction.

The Animal Cancer Trust reserves the right to edit any stories as necessary.

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Animal foot prints




For information and advice on caring for a pet with terminal cancer please download our fact sheets.

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