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Chief Executive,

Dr Vicki J Adams




Animal foot prints 

January 2023

After several years of hard work to raise the profile of the Animal Cancer Trust, we are now in a position where we are finding it difficult to keep up with communications. We are actively seeking new volunteers to help us with this.

The Board of Directors has undergone a major change and this is reflected in the launch of our new website. While we have recruited some new and enthusiastic Trustees (link to trustee page), we are still looking for additional Trustees with business management, fundraising and marketing experience to help us grow while remaining financially sustainable.

As always, we welcome anyone who would like to help us by becoming a trustee, through fund raising or volunteering at events. Please contact us to show your interest here.

While 2020-1 were difficult years for everyone, we managed to survive the pandemic and are now beginning to thrive as we get back to attending shows, conferences and other events. The range of The Puppet Company hand puppets and Wilberry soft toys that we now have on our trade stand at events has grown as they are such a popular item to help us raise funds.

The highlight of 2022 for me learning that Volition Veterinary had collaborated with scientists at Texas A&M to develop a new canine cancer screening blood test that has now been commercialised and is available in the USA and will be coming to the UK later this year. See our FAQs on Canine Cancer Screening. (link to this FAQ)

During the pandemic, the charity carried out a survey of pet owners to collect information from pet owners about their understanding of cancer in animals. This survey was carried out with the assistance of a university student who was completing a research project as part of a work experience placement. The results of this survey are now available here. (link to page with results)

As an epidemiologist*, clinical research that can help our pets is very close to my heart and I am working with collaborators to carry out observational studies of pets with and without cancer to help answer some of the questions we have about risk factors for cancer as well as diagnosis and treatment.












 Animal foot prints




 Photo of an Epidemiologist mug

* Epidemiologist [noun]

Like a normal scientist, only cooler

[especially after 2020]